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Dr. Raymond Ramos

Faculty Member

Absorptive Capacity (AC), Dynamic Capabilities (DC), and Innovative Performance (IP) of Industry Locators in Laguna

This study developed a model that identified factors that will enhance the innovative performance of Industry Locators in the Province of Laguna, the Philippines. Specifically, it investigated the innovative performance of industrial locators, their dynamic capability in terms of sensing, seizing and managing threats and reconfiguration. Further, the study determined as well as the industrial locators’ absorptive capacity in terms of acquisition, assimilation, transformation and exploitation.

Dr. Antonio Pedro Nunes

Faculty Memeber

Evolving Trends in Digital Marketing: A Comprehensive Review

This research article provides a comprehensive exploration of digital marketing, shedding light on its fundamental definition and meticulously mapping the intricate journey of its historical evolution. Furthermore, the article delves into the emerging trends anticipated to shape its future landscape.

Dr. Cosmina Laura Rat

Faculty Member

Safety Management System in Air Transportation

This paper has the purpose to investigate the benefits of developing and implementing the Safety Management System (SMS) in airlines and establish the impact of SMS on increasing safety performance in airlines, specifically in passengers air transportation. The research and analyzing process aim to follow the way of establishing what are the aviation hazards, reporting incidents, the risk management system and assesing whether the company’s safety matters are being achieved and weather quality and safety standards are met.

The Role, Importance and Motivations of ISO 9001:2015 Based QMS Implementation in SMEs

This empirical study addresses the importance and motivations of QMS implementation in SMEs, based on the new edition of the international standard ISO 9001: 2015, and starting from the reality that in 2018 the share of SMEs that have implemented and certified QMS according to ISO 9001, also considering the ISO 9001 version the 2008 edition, is below 30%, and those that have implemented and certified the new 2015 edition have a share below 10%. Thus the study is based on a sample of 93 enterprises that have implemented the new standard.