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Admission of Candidates as Postgraduate Qualification Students

Students from all around the world can apply through the website of the college directly and submit all the required documents. All classes are conducted online using a virtual learning system to enroll students without the need to leave their home country and travel to a campus for classes.

Candidates must provide the following requirements to be considered eligible for admission to the Maters of Projects Management Program as Postgraduate Qualification Students.

1- Bachelor’s Degree

Candidates should submit official transcripts from a European undergraduate three-year initial degree or recognized equivalent at EQF/MQF (Level 6 – 180 ECTS minimum).

Foreign undergraduate bachelor’s degree from outside the Malta equivalent at EQF/MQF (Level 6 – 180 ECTS minimum) is accepted. Where transcripts are in a language other than English, candidates should submit original transcripts accompanied by approved English translation.

2- Proof of English Language Proficiency

The required English language proficiency test score is a must. The student’s proof of English language proficiency should meet the minimum IELTS/TOEFL score required for each program

English language test waivers:

a. If the last degree is at a school where English is the primary medium of instruction.

b. Students who do not meet the English Language Proficiency requirements for admission can apply for Conditional Admission, which will allow them to study an intensive English language course to improve their English Language before joining SEC.

The Intensive English Language Course (IEL):
Duration: 15 Weeks

* Completing and passing the IEL will waive the ELP.

Admission of Candidates as Professional Award Students

Students not meeting the conditions applicable to Post Graduate Qualification students may only be admitted to the program as Professional Award Students and shall be restricted by the awards listed at the “Exit Award Section Below. Professional Award Students are not permitted to register for dissertation thesis.

Recognition of Accredited Prior to Formal Learning

Only Accredited Formal Learning units/ modules obtained at EQF/ MQF Level 7 that covers at least 80% of the contents of the program’s equivalent corresponding units/ modules shall be considered for exemption. Exemptions shall only be approved for whole Modules/ Units and not for individual elements of assessment within a Module/ Unit excluding dissertation and up to a maximum of 30% (for the Bachelor’s degree) and 20% (for the Master’s degree) of the total credit of the Exit Qualification.