General Information

Explore Diverse Learning at South Europe College

SOUTH EUROPE COLLEGE is dedicated to excellence in higher education, congruent with its mission and goals to prepare qualified professionals in management science. The primary commitment to students is to give them high-quality to ensure that they get the necessary skills and knowledge to build their future.

For SEC, Knowledge and learning are a right for everyone, and all members of society are responsible for preserving these rights. Within our educational processes, we provide our students and teachers with encouraging, equipped and stable surrounding that ensures success in education system changes and efforts to reach a new quality level. SEC recognizes the need, encourages and plans introduction of qualitative changes in organization of the educational process and teaching, striving to reduce the growing discrepancy between the knowledge acquired through formal and traditional education and requirements and needs of the modern labour market, economy and knowledge-based society. The skills obtained during the study represent a foundation for lifelong education and further independent learning and scientifically based collection and interpretation of data and information.

Our mission is to promote knowledge, encourage innovation, and provide higher education programs with high-quality content at nominal prices that suit everyone. We stand for scientific honesty in research and knowledge transfer, providing open access to resources to those who cannot afford our educational programs.

SOUTH EUROPE COLLEGE (SEC) is founded in 2022 and dedicated to excellence in project management education congruent with its mission and goals to prepare competent and compassionate professionals in management science. SEC graduate’s students are prepared to deal effectively with a variety of issues that may be encountered in careers such as that of a project manager or team leader. SEC applies all rules and regulations that relate to private colleges as well as Executive rules, technical and administrative procedures as stated by the Malta Further and Higher Education Authority.

SEC will hold strategic partnerships with the best universities over the world in the field of project management to exchange scientific and educational expertise and to train its students in these universities. Academic study plans have been prepared to fulfil all the requisites of the project management education and to receive benefit of the most recent developments of the curriculum that is implemented in most of similar colleges in developed countries through recent multi technical means, such as eLearning.

We affirm that our core missions and values, in particular the mission to contribute to the sustainable development and improvement of society as a whole, should be preserved, reinforced and further expanded, namely, to:

  • Educate highly qualified graduates and responsible citizens able to meet the needs of all sectors of human activity, by offering relevant qualifications, including professional training, which combine high-level knowledge and skills, using courses and content continually tailored to the present and future needs of society;
  • Provide opportunities for individual development in order to educate for citizenship and for active participation in society, with a worldwide vision, for endogenous capacity-building, and for the consolidation of human rights, sustainable development, democracy and peace, in a context of justice;
  • Advance, create and disseminate knowledge through research and provide, as part of its service to the community, relevant expertise to assist societies in cultural, social and economic development, promoting and developing scientific and technological research;
  • Help understand, interpret, preserve, enhance, promote and disseminate national and regional, international and historic cultures, in a context of cultural pluralism and diversity;
  • Help protect and enhance societal values by training young people in the values which form the basis of democratic citizenship and by providing critical and detached perspectives to assist in the discussion of strategic options and the reinforcement of humanistic perspectives; and
  • Contribute to the development and improvement of education at all levels, including through the training of teachers.